Curriculum Vitae (2015. 11)


Tianyang Zhou


PhD Candidate in Media and Cultural Studies (2013/09-present), University of Sussex.

Master of Arts, Globalization and Communications, with Merit  (2012/09- 2013/09), University of Leicester.

July 2014:  Certificate of Completion: Applied Research Methods with Hidden and Marginal Populations in 47th Essex Summer School in Social Science, Data Analysis and Collection.


Doctoral candidate in Media and Cultural Studies

USSU Postgraduate Representative for Media, Music and Film (2015-2016)

Editorial Board member: REFRAME Academic Digital Publishing Platform 2015-

Member of the Sussex Asia Centre

Member of the Sussex Centre for Cultural Studies

Chair of UK-China Media and Cultural Studies Association (UCMeCSA), 2015-2016

Training Officer of the MeCCSA Postgraduate Network, July 2014 –.

PhD Student Mentor: School of Media, Film and Music (2014-2015).

Senior Reviewer for ‘The Asian Conference on Media & Mass Communication, MediAsia 2014’ and ‘The Fifth Asian Conference on Cultural Studies 2015, ACCS2015’.

Abstract Reviewer for ICA 2015, CAT, LGBT, Popular Culture divisions.


English (Working Language), Mandarin Chinese (Native)

Honors and Awards

Jan 2014, Prize awarded for Best M.A. Globalization and Communications Dissertation 2013


Zhou T. and L. Jia (2015) ‘Regulation of Homosexuality in the Chinese Media Scene’, China Policy Institute Blog, University of Nottingham.

Conference Presetation and Short Talk 

Zhou T. (2015) Keynote speech: ‘The Life of Chinese Gay Men and Lesbians‘, Chinese Documentary Festival 2015: Changing China (变迁时代), University of Glasgow, 23rd-24th October 2015.

Zhou T. (2015) ‘Represetation of Gay Men in Chinese Television: A Case Study of Kangsi Coming‘. Transformative Practice and Theory: Where We Stand Today (MeCCSA PGN Conference 2015), Coventry University, 2nd-3rd July 2015.

Zhou T. (2015) ‘ICTs and Gay Male Community: Globalization, Sexual Identity, and the Internet‘. Track: China and the Global Information Society, ISIS Summit Vienna 2015: The Information Society at the Crossroads Response and Responsibility of the Sciences of Information, Vienna University of Technology, 3rd-7th June 2015.

Zhou T. and L. Jia (2015) ‘The Making of Online Celebrity: A Case Study of a Rural Chinese Same-Sex Couple—Anwei and Yebin‘. The 13th Chinese Internet Research Conference (CIRC), University of Alberta, 27th-28th May 2015. 

Sussex Asia Centre Workshop Intra-Asia: Connections, Comparisons, and Circulations, University of Sussex, 25th Feburary 2015, paper presented.

Zhou T. (2015) ‘Sissy Gay Men in Chinese Cinema‘. The Inaugural UK–China Media and Cultural Studies Association Conferece/Chinese Media and Cultural Studies: Consumption, Content and Crisis, Cardiff University, 6th Feburary 2015.

The Asian Conference on Media & Mass Communication/MediAsia 2014, Osaka,13th-16th November 2014, paper presented.

Zhou T. (2014) ‘Jack’d: Experience of Cyberqueer Techno-practice in Contemporary China‘, 9th Global Conference The Erotic: Exploring Critical Issues, Prague, 4th-6th November 2014.

Researching Sex and Intimacy in Contemporary Life, University of Sussex, 18th July 2014, paper presented.

EU-CHINA Dialogue in Media and Communication Studies, Peking University, 1st-11th July 2014, paper presented.

Zhou T. (2014) ‘An Examination of the Interaction between Cyberqueer Techno-practice and Offline Gay Male Experience in Contemporary China‘. Global Interdependence: Knowledge, Experience and Theory (MeCCSA PGN Conference 2014), University of Leeds, 23rd-24th June 2014.

New Directions in Media Research, University of Leicester, 13th June 2014, paper presented.

Methodologies: Mobile Media & Mobility, Aarhus University, 1st-3rd April 2014, paper presented.

Organisational Roles

Co-organiser of Europe-China Dialogue: Media and Communication Studies Summer School 2015, 1st-10th July 2015.

Co-organiser of Trans Studies Now Conference, 12th June 2015.

Organiser of MeCCSA Postgraduate Network Regional Event: ‘Life After The PhD: What Happens Next?’, 15th May 2015.

Co-organiser of Researching Sex and Sexualities, 8th-9th May 2015.

Co-organiser of 2015 the School of Media, Film and Music Doctoral Day, University of Sussex, May 2015.

Co-organiser of 2015 The Inaugural UK–China Media and Cultural Studies Association Conferece/Chinese Media and Cultural Studies: Consumption, Content and Crisis.

Co-organiser of The School of Media, Film and Music PhD Seminars, Research-in-Progress Seminar Series, September 2014- May 2015.


Correspondent for UK Chinese Journal, Information China

Columnist for

Columnist for 

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