Curriculum Vitae (2017. 9)




Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Media and Film, University of Sussex


Silverstone Building 128, Arts Road, Falmer, Brighton, BN1 9RG



Dphil (Ph.D.) Candidate, Media and Cultural Studies, University of Sussex, 2013- Present

Dissertation: Rethinking Queer Culture in a Digitized China.    Supervisors: Andy Medhurst and Dr. Sharif Mowlabocus

M.Sc., Social Research Methods, (Postgraduate Diploma), University of Sussex, 2014-2016

M.A., Globalisation and Communications, with Merit, University of Leicester, 2012-2013

Master’s thesis: A Critical Examination of the Interaction between Cyberqueer Techno-practice and Offline Gay Male Experience in Contemporary China. Prize awarded for Best M.A. Globalisation and Communications Dissertation 2013.

B.Sc., Nutrition and Food Science Honors, First Class, Beijing Normal University, 2007-2010



Media Theory, Queer Theory, Digital Media and Society, Media, Gender, and Sexuality, Advertising and Social Change, Globalisation, Intersectionality, Mixed-Methods Research.



Associate Tutor, School of Media, Film, and Music, University of Sussex, 2016-present.


Courses Taught

Advertising (P3083), University of Sussex, Level 6, (Tutor-led seminars)                           Associate Tutor, 2016-2017

Theory and Practice of Interactive Media (013P3), University of Sussex, Level 7                   Guest Lecture: Digital Research Methods, 2017


Celebrity Media (LM341), University of Brighton, Level 6.     Guest Lecture: Diva, Gay men, and popular culture: A Chinese Perspective, 2017

Mandarin Studies (Year 10 and 11), Hove Park School .         Teaching Assistant, 2013-2014


Undergraduate/Graduate Supervision

Secondary Supervisor (with Dr. Ping Shum)

Peiling Zhang, MA in International Journalism, Final Project (Journalism): British Homosexual Culture Become the Temptation of the Other Shore


Secondary Supervisor (with Dr. Eleftheria Lekakis)

Xiaohe Zhao, MA in Media Practice for Development and Social Change, Final Project (Documentary): Being LGBT in Contemporary China


Mentor (with Professor Kate O’ Riordan)

Saskia Dolan-Parry‎ and Tong Zhang, Junior Research Associate (JRA) scheme 2016-2017, School of Media, Film, and Music, University of Sussex,

Research Project: Researching LGBTQ + Intergenerational Histories




Prize awarded for Best M.A. Globalization and Communications Dissertation, University of Leicester, 2013

Doctoral Overseas Conference Grant by Doctoral School, University of Sussex, 2015 and 2016.

Ph.D. Student Conference Grant by School of Media, Film and Music, University of Sussex, 2014, 2015, and 2016

Researcher Led Initiative Fund by Doctoral School, University of Sussex, Autumn 2014 (with Michael Guida and Dr. Nicola Streeten)




Book Chapter

Zhou, T. and Jia, L. (2017). ‘The ‘Making’ of an Online Celebrity: A Case Study of Chinese Rural Gay Couple An Wei and Wu Yebin’, in Mike Kent, Katie Ellis and Jian Xu (eds). Chinese Social Media: Social, Cultural, and Political Implications, New York: Routledge, pp. 42-58.


Zhou, T. (Forthcoming). ‘Jack’d, Douban Group, and The Impact of Cyberqueer Techno-Practice on Chinese Gay Male Experience’ in John T. Grider and Mary McDonough (eds.), The Eternity of Eros: Between Spaces and Non-Spaces. Netherland: Brill.


Zhou, T. (Forthcoming). ‘Digital Media and Gay Culture in Contemporary China: A Case  Study of Jack’d’ in Jon Braddy, K. Billy Huff and Robert Moore (eds.), Sublimations of Sexuality: Exploring the Boundaries of the Erotic, Netherland: Brill.


Academic Blog

Zhou, T. and Lee, P.- H. (2017) Queer parenting and the right of children in diverse families to be heard.


Zhou, T. and Jia, L. (2015) ‘Regulation of Homosexuality in the Chinese Media Scene’ on China Policy Institute: Analysis, the Online Journal of The China Policy Institute, School of Politics and IR, University of Nottingham.



Zhou, T. (2016) workshop guest-speaking with Dr. Kim Lasky, ‘Creative Techniques in Academic Writing’ in 2016 EU-CHINA Dialogue in Media and Communication Studies Summer School, Università della Svizzera italiana (USI), 4th-9th July 2016.


Zhou, T. (2015) Guest-speaking: ‘The Life of Chinese Gay Men and Lesbians’, Chinese Documentary Festival 2015: Changing China (变迁时代), University of Glasgow, 23rd-24th October 2015.



Zhou, T. (2017) ‘Rethinking Whiteness: Desire/Desirability, Popular Culture, and Technology’, Queer Asia 2017: Desire, Decolonisation, and Decriminalisation, SOAS, 16th -17th June 2017.


Zhou, T. (2016) ‘Chinese Top and British Bottom’: Race, Gender, and Sexuality’, Something Old, Something New: The Wedding Spectacle across Contemporary Media Cultures, University of Leicester, 16 September 2016.


Zhou, T. (2016) ‘Parents-Leading Gay Rights Movement in China’. Sexuality Studies Association 4th Annual Meeting, Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Calgary, 29th-31st May 2016.


Zhou T. (2015) ‘Representation of Gay Men in Chinese Television: A Case Study of Kangsi Coming’. Transformative Practice and Theory: Where We Stand Today (MeCCSA PGN Conference 2015), Coventry University, 2nd-3rd July 2015.


Zhou T. (2015) ‘ICTs and Gay Male Community: Globalization, Sexual Identity, and the Internet’. Track: China and the Global Information Society, ISIS Summit Vienna 2015: The Information Society at the Crossroads Response and Responsibility of the Sciences of Information, Vienna University of Technology, 3rd-7th June 2015.


Zhou T. and L. Jia (2015) ‘The Making of Online Celebrity: A Case Study of a Rural Chinese Same-Sex Couple—Anwei and Yebin’. The 13th Chinese Internet Research Conference (CIRC), University of Alberta, 27th-28th May 2015.


Zhou T. (2015) ‘Sissy Gay Men in Chinese Cinema’. The Inaugural UK–China Media and Cultural Studies Association Conference/Chinese Media and Cultural Studies: Consumption, Content and Crisis, Cardiff University, 6th February 2015.


Zhou, T. (2014) ‘An Examination of the Interaction between Cyberqueer Techno-practice and Offline Gay Male Experience in Contemporary China’. Global Interdependence: Knowledge, Experience, and Theory (MeCCSA PGN Conference 2014), University of Leeds, 23rd-24th June 2014.




Project contributor of 2017 Global Study on Disability and eLearning (with Dr. Mike Kent and Dr. Katie Ellis)

  • Being responsible for conducting research in
  • Being involved in the recruitment and leadership of a small project team in China.

Project Overview

This project uses an online survey to explore the accessibility of Higher Education and more specifically eLearning for people with disabilities. It looks at the accessibility of different online learning and teaching platforms as well as students experiences of online learning and teaching in relation to the disclosure of their disability and any accommodation that they may have been offered through their educational institution.



Co-founder of UCMeCSA (UK-China Media and Cultural Studies Association), organizing the annual conference and research workshops (


Chair of MeCCSA (Media, Communication, and Cultural Studies Association) Postgraduate Network, June 2017- September 2019; Vice Chair of MeCCSA Postgraduate Network, September 2016 – June 2017; Training Officer of MeCCSA Postgraduate Network, September 2014 – September 2016.


Co-organizer of Research-in-Progress Seminar Series of School of Media, Film, and Music, University of Sussex, September 2014 -May 2015.


University of Sussex Students’ Union Postgraduate Representative for Media, Film, and Music, 2015-2017.


Ph.D. Student Mentor: School of Media, Film, and Music, 2014-2015.



Correspondent (Part-time), 2013/09 — 2015/09, UK Chinese Journal, London.          Research and report on the fields of food industry, arts and design affairs; Photograph new events.


Columnist, 2014/02 — Present, (the biggest Chinese LGBT news website). Write for a regular column in queer culture.


Broadcast Presenter, 2011/09 — 2012/05, Zhuhai People’s Broadcasting Corporation, China. Host a programme in travelling; Liaise with other members of the production and technical teams.



English (Working Language), Mandarin Chinese (Native).



Andy Medhurst

Senior Lecturer, Department of Media and Film, University of Sussex

Silverstone Building 331, Arts Road, Falmer, Brighton, BN1 9RG


Dr. Sharif Mowlabocus

Senior Lecturer, Department of Media and Film, University of Sussex

Silverstone Building 318, Arts Road, Falmer, Brighton, BN1 9RG

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