Welcome to my personal website

I trained as a communicator and technician scientist at the undergraduate level, before studying for a masters degree in Globalisation and Communications at the University of Leicester, and a Ph.D. in Media and Cultural Studies at the University of Sussex. My research uses the lenses of cultural studies and queer theory to investigate how LGBTQ people engage with media technologies, texts, and practices in their everyday life. I am the President and founder of UK-China Media and Cultural Studies Association (UCMeCSA) (2014 -Present). I previously chaired the MeCCSA Postgraduate Network (2017-2019). I am currently teaching in the Department of Media and Film, University of Sussex, and the School of Media, University of Brighton. 

My key academic interests include:

  • Chinese Media Studies
  • Cultural and Critical Media Studies
  • Digital Culture Studies
  • Queer Theory and LGBT Studies
  • Celebrity Studies
  • Online Activism
  • Qualitative Research Methods


周天杨,英国萨塞克斯大学媒体与文化研究博士,萨塞克斯大学亚洲研究中心、萨塞克斯大学文化研究中心、布莱顿大学数字媒体文化中心成员、英国媒介、传播与文化研究学会(MeCCSA) 博士生分会主席、英中媒体与文化研究学会(UCMeCSA)主席2014年于英国莱斯特大学获得全球化媒体传播硕士学位。博士研究方向为中国酷儿政治与文化在数字媒体时代下的变迁。对新媒体/手机软体研究、信息通讯技术的社会学研究、信息通讯技术与公共卫生、疾病的社会学研究、酷儿理论、网络民族志方法论、性与性别研究、多元交织性研究兴趣浓厚。同时, 我也是自由撰稿人、文化创意产业咨询分析师。